How Well Does Modern Armor Clear Bra Paint Protection Work?

Are you looking to protect you new vehicles finish from being eaten away (along with the resale value) by sand and road debris? Thinking that paint protection film, aka a clear bra is the way to go? You are on the right track! Wondering if clear bra / paint protection film really works? You know is it really going to protect the paint??? Yes. The following Subaru Crosstrek was recently protected Modern Armor. The owner chose the Level 3 protection package (in the case of this Subaru Crosstrek: The leading ~22" of the hood, matching front fender pieces and full painted bumper cover were covered). Fast forward in time and bam.

Damaged Crosstrek Fender with Clear Bra

The owner had a run in and the fender took a sharp hit. A small dent in the fender, scratches in the plastic flare and several tears and disturbances in the paint protection. We were not sure how the paint on the fender fared.

Damaged Crosstrek Fender with Clear Bra - After removal

After peeling off the damaged section of 3M Clear Bra we found NO noticeable paint damage from the impact! Score a big one for paint protection film!

We removed the damaged section and replaced the section with a new piece of the paint protection film and the owner preserves all of the original factory paint! The fender is still dented, but it was not creased and it is highly likely that the dent could be mitigated by a skilled PDR technician. While installing paint protection film on your vehicle can't protect the finish from all that comes its way; it will go a long long way toward keeping the car looking great!